B&B la Olivella – Palermo
From the reviews and the pictures I already knew I was gonna love it but it’s when I met Elena that I was sure I had booked the best place to spend my nights in Palermo. Elena is the sweetest and kindest host, she has renovated the ancient rooms of her  great grandfather’s residence and turned it into a charming and warm stay.
The neighborhood is live and authentic, full of bars and restaurants and within walking distance to the main attractions the city has to offer. Can’t wait to go back to Palermo and stay there once again!

Tonnara di Scopello – Scopello
This is by far the most magical place I have ever stayed at, and from now on I want to book few nights here every summer of my life.    Before 9am and after 6pm when the Tonnara is closed to the public you will have the entire place to yourself, meaning you can swim near the faraglioni at sunrise and sunset with nobody around.
They do not have a restaurant service nor they serve breakfast in the morning but every room/appartement is equipped with a small kitchen, I highly suggest to get some food, make your own dinner and enjoy it in one of the outdoor spaces of the Tonnara, it will be one of the best dinner of your life I promise.

Dimora Cala del Pozzo – Favignana
Favignana has my heart, its turquoise water and its wild soul makes it one of my favourite places on this planet.
Dimora Cala Del Pozzo is located on the wildest edge of this small island, few meters from the sea.
The breakfast is to die for, every day you can choose between fresh fruits, home made pastries, warm ricotta, fresh eggs from their chickens, or simply have it all.
If you are into natural wines make sure to try their “Terre del Favonio” orange wine for an apertivo watching the sunset 🙂

Iuta Glamping & Farm – Noto
If glampings are still a thing and instagrammable still a word, IUTA Glamping is right on top of it.
Sourrended by olive and orange trees Iuta Glamping is one of the coolest accomodation of eastern Sicily.
I loved practicing yoga on their platform sourrended by olive trees.
Grab a book, lay by the pool, blend in with nature and relax 🙂

Casa Gianni Alicudi
Alicudi is the most remote of the aeolian islands, and it is currently on my travel wishlist, I’d love to go to spend a week there doing nothing but watch the sea and eat fresh fish every day. No cars, one small restaurants and the nature.
Sounds like a plan to me.

Tonnara Foderà di Magazzinazzi
I love the original buildings that once belonged to noble sicilian families, and this is one of them.
Located right by the sea, the interiors kept their authenticity and the rooms have a window on the crystal blue water. I booked it for this summer!

Stay a while.

The coffee’s hot 🪑

Stay a while.

The coffee’s hot 🪑

Stay a while.

The coffee’s hot 🪑

Stay a while.

The coffee’s hot 🪑

Stay a while.

The coffee’s hot 🪑

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