Your sun sign may be the zodiac sign you’re best known as, but your moon sign is the part of you that knows you best.

The moon in astrology symbolizes our emotions, memories, and comfort, so your moon sign tells you how you process your feelings and connect with your closest crew. It’s who you are when you’re alone, when you’re deep in self-care mode, or when you’re with the people that make you feel most at home. Essentially, the moon sign is the version of you that appears when you drop your daytime facade and allow your inner colors to shine under the sparkly veil of moonlight.

Look up your birth chart to find out what sign the moon was in when you were born.

Aries Moon:

Aries moon babes are born to live in the moment, experiencing every feeling like a bright, flickering flame — hot to the touch, but very much fleeting! They act impulsively on their emotions, but they forgive and forget just as easily.


And while they might not admit it, lunar Aries love stirring up a little bit of drama and turning things into a competition to keep the vibes spicy. Their independence is one of the most admirable things about them, so they’re always going to feel how they feel, no matter what anyone else has to say. We love them for it!


Taurus Moon:

If there were ever someone who lived for luxury, it’s most definitely a Taurus moon babe. There’s no indulgence too excessive for the lunar Taurean’s soul, and their downtime is preferably spent enjoying life’s sensory delights and seeking out pleasurable experiences.


When it comes to emotions, they are stable and predictable — and they appreciate when the people close to them can provide the same reliable sense of comfort. They love the finer things in life, but they don’t like to be caught off-guard, so save your surprise parties for someone else!

Gemini Moon:

Minding your own business is hard if you’re a Gemini moon, because these multifaceted babes can find something relatable in just about every person and every experience. True social butterflies, Gemini moons love to be around others, swapping personal stories and sharing their varying perspectives on things.


Talking through their feelings (and occasionally making light of them) is the most effective way they know how to process things! The more you get to know a lunar Gemini, the more you’ll see them for the witty and perceptive people that they are.

Cancer Moon:

The moon is at home in Cancer, so Cancer moon people are arguably more deeply attuned to their emotions than any other lunar babe. You can often catch a lunar Cancer nostalgically dreaming of the past — which is why reminiscing on days gone by or indulging in favorite childhood TV shows brings them so much comfort.


These sensitive sweethearts really appreciate lots of affection and cuddle time, as they love nothing more than feeling safe and cozy, even if they are a little moody sometimes. They can’t help it — their feelings fluctuate like the phases of the moon!

Leo Moon:

The world’s a stage for all the Leo moon babes out there, and every feeling they experience tends to be as theatrical and grandiose as the characters in a Greek tragedy. Expect an over-the-top expression of appreciation if you do them a favor, as well as some melodramatic sulking if things don’t go their way.


Unsurprisingly, lunar Leos are also fantastic storytellers, so when they’re with the people closest to them, they love to ham it up and put on a show — even if they’re just talking about the mundane little moments of their day.

Virgo Moon:

Emotions are complicated by nature, but Virgo moons are so good at keeping things clean and simple that you’d never know. You’ll rarely catch them in the middle of a messy web of drama, as they prefer to be practical and even-keeled about their feelings.


When they’re alone, they thrive on having a special little routine all to themselves — like making their adaptogen-infused matcha every morning or doing their multi-step skincare regimen every night. Journaling about feelings is really helpful for lunar Virgos, as putting emotions into words is an effective way to process things.


Libra Moon:

No one can more easily relate to others more than a Libra moon can. These balanced babes are thoughtful about how they express their feelings, so you’re not likely to catch them blowing up on you in a sudden rage.


They’ll always consider other people’s emotions! Having a partner in crime who they open up to is super important to lunar Libras — whether that’s a lover who knows them in and out, or a bestie who’d never judge them for crying off their mascara after being left on read. 


Scorpio Moon:

All the water-ruled moon signs are sensitive, but lunar Scorpios have perhaps the deepest emotional ocean of all. They have a quiet depth and power about them that others can pick up on even if they don’t say a word. And it’s because they feel every little thing so intensely and intimately.


These babes can be a little tight-lipped when it comes to their inner world, often playing their cards close to their chest — unless of course they know and trust you completely! Once you’ve earned a lunar Scorpio’s trust, there’s no one who will keep your secrets and defend you quite as fiercely.

Sagittarius Moon:

Don’t try to put a Sagittarius moon in a corner, because they’ll get bored and run in the other direction! These free-spirits need space to explore their feelings and desires at any given moment, and they’ll follow their hearts no matter what.


They always trust that the universe will work things out for them — and their optimism pays off, because they generally land on their feet! Lunar Sagittarians also have a deep sense of wisdom about them and can offer their closest crew brilliant perspectives on emotional matters. 

Capricorn Moon:

Capricorn moon people are usually tough as nails, so you won’t usually catch them getting carried out to sea on an illogical wave of feelings — but it doesn’t mean they don’t have any! Lunar Capricorns are just really good at managing their emotions, as they like to stay cool, calm, and controlled.


They can come off as a little serious, but once you get to know them you’ll see their sharp and sarcastic sense of humor sparkle. They take life’s challenges in stride, and they’re great at bringing their loved ones down to earth when they’re feeling overwhelmed.


Aquarius Moon:

True rebels at heart, Aquarius moon people sometimes feel like an alien amongst humans, unsure if anyone else can truly relate to them. And that’s why it’s so important for them to find people who accept them in all their weird and wonderful uniqueness!


They can be a little uncomfortable when immersed in the raw messiness of feelings, so they’d rather play it cool and keep their head above water instead of getting lost in the emotional sauce. Just give them space to be themselves and they’ll accept you for all your quirks in return.


Pisces Moon:

Imaginative and intuitive, Pisces moons are the soft-hearted dreamers of the zodiac, and they enjoy getting lost in their fantasies and immersing themselves in feelings. Their sense of compassion knows no bounds, and they can easily put themselves in just about anyone else’s shoes.


Because of their incredible sensitivity, they often pick up on subtle energy shifts and can sense people’s emotions in a big way. That’s why it’s so important for lunar Pisceans to channel their feelings into creative endeavors like art, music, or poetry!

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